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conversation with my therapist

Me: I've noticed that I just squander my time. At first I thought it was an internet addiction, but I could just as easily do dishes. Anything to escape from life.

Dora-the-'splorer: Ah, have you been watching a lot of TV?

Me: Yes, exactly.

Dora (excited): Have you been watching The Biggest Loser???

Me: Not this season...

Dora: The finale is on Tuesday and it's going to be SO GOOD!


Amy and I are going on the birthright trip to Israel on May 18, Mayanot Bus 46. I'm so excited! I've pretty much been jumping up and down all day...the adrenaline rush is finally winding down:-p

We're going to extend our trip and visit Egypt and Jordan-- has anyone else been? We could definitely use suggestions for transportation and must-see sights, etc.

can I interview you?

Hey peeps! I'm doing a research paper sort of thing for English, so I was wondering if you could answer these questions. You can write back or repost as a blog; I'll see it either way<3 Thanks muchly.

1. What would you like to have happen to your body after you die?

2. If possible, do you want your organs donated? (Why or why not?)

3. Have you thought of what you would want your funeral to be like? (details?)

4. If you were to die today, who would you want to give your eulogy?

5. Which (if any) song(s) would you like played at your funeral?

6. Do you want people to wear black at your funeral?

7. How do you feel about untraditional disposal of the body? (having your ashes turned into diamonds, donating your body to exhibits such as Body World, etc.?) Are there any you would consider?

8. Do you want an open casket?

9. Would you want the ceremony to be religious?

10. Anything else you would like to say?


Hey, is anyone else participating in National Novel Writing Month? My username there is frayedges.

(If you want to sign up, I think you need to today- it's www.nanowrimo.org.)

friday fiiiiive

1) If you're dressing up (yourself or your kids) for Halloween, who are you/they going to be?
I'm going to be the Bad Idea Bears from Avenue Q! (Yes, both. 'Cause they are puppets. So I'm wearing all black and I'll have one on each hand.)

2) Handmade costumes or store-bought?
I'm probably going to buy the bears.

3) What age did you last go trick-or-treating?
Actually, Holly and Shawna made me go last year:-p So, 19. lol.

4) Have you ever egged someone's house on Halloween, or done any other such "trick"?
:-( Nah, that's mean. I think I might have left fake spiders on chairs or similar.

5) Do you believe in ghosts?
I'm ambivalent. I like ghost stories, though.

Ragtime opens tomorrow! I'm jazzed.

I like therapy. It will be sad when my six free sessions run out. I'll have to find someone through my insurance. Bah, gotta renew my insurance. Anyway. School is alright. I got two days off because of the fires, so that was nice (not that I'm glad there were fires, but it was really nice to have a break. I do hope everyone on my f-list is alright, though.)

soooo tired. I can't wait to get home from rehearsal and SLEEP. Oh, it will be lovely.

later gators;-)

the importance of higher education

Brownie #1: Do you know what root squares are?
Brownie #2: No...
Brownie #1: That's why you have to go to college. To learn what root squares are.

on being home

"I'm not depressed or anything like that, but I'm losing track of time, not in a good way as it was when I was travelling, forgetting what day or the week it was or what the date was and it not mattering, but as in all my days are beginning to blur into one from doing so little. No longer can I define how many days have passed by looking at what I did. It feels like I've stopped moving and the world's going on without me."



On the bright side, I've just started training as a camp counselor, and the first day was so much fun! This seems like it's going to be a brilliant way to spend the summer- I'm so excited. Yesterday we learned a few circle-ish singing games like "pass the shoe" and "dollar, dollar." The other girls are all cool and we're getting along well- tonight we're talking about hanging out in Old Town after training.

Oy, lots to get done today before work. Better be off!

Apr. 22nd, 2007

"Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them."

- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

btw, Prague is awesome and beautiful and straight out of a fairy tale.

Mar. 3rd, 2007

Jill: So, what days are you free this week to go shopping for Europe?
Me: ...uh. None.
Jill: Oh, good!
Me: We match?
Jill: Pretty much.

On another note, I got a very odd message on my cell phone today. It was basically a realtor "Hi Sara, I'm returning your call" because my non-existant boyfriend and I are apparently interested in looking at one or two bedroom apartments in Moorpark or Fullerton, and he's not available to show me them on the days I apparently requested, but is free over the weekend so please "call me back at the following number" if I am interested. I'm trying to decide whether it's a prank call (I didn't recognize the guy's voice, and he sounded fairly business-like) or someone pretended to be me, or someone's stolen my identity, or whaaat. Opinions on whether to call the number back?

career change

I think I'm going to teach math. I really do.